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The aromatic concentration that the Sherry Vinegar acquires through the system of “Criaderas & Solera”, reflected in its dark mahogany colour, makes “CAPIRETE” Sherry Vinegar a peerless condiment in world gastronomy. Only a few drops of this vinegar are sufficient to turn any dish into a culinary fiesta. Its sharp, yet harmonious bouquet transports us to the magic world of the cellars; sunlight filtering through esparto blinds dimly illuminating the oaken butts. On the palate, the vinegar’s acid notes contrast with the surprising roundness that it has acquired during years of ageing.

If producing our Sherry Vinegar is an art, making the most of it also requires us to bear its characteristics in mind. Its possibilities are boundless, as the word’s most prestigious chefs have discovered. However, its aromatic potency and extraordinary degree of concentration advise that care be taken when using it. In salads, in seasoning all types of dishes, in stews and sauces, a few drops of «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar add a touch of magic, transforming and giving character to the most varied recipes. It is essential in vinaigrettes, pickles and marinades; cold sauces, such as mayonnaise or mustard, on hot sauces.

Below are some recipes that show the great versatility of Sherry Vinegar as the basis of all types of dishes.

Kiwi Mousse with Sherry Vinegar

Ingredients: 4 Kiwis 250 ml of cream 2 eggs «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar Mint syrup Preparation: Macerate the kiwis in Sherry Vinegar. Whisk the egg yolks to the bain marie. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, mix all the ingredients and leave to cool down. Serve with cream and mint syrup....
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Spanish flag with Sherry Vinegar

Ingredients: 250 gr of large strawberry 1 table orange 2 juice orange 250 gr cane sugar «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar Preparation: Cut the table orange into sections and remove the white pith. Cut the strawberry to imitate the orange sections. Macerate the strawberries with sugar with a few drops of Sherry...
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Beef Strogonoff with Sherry Vinegar

Ingredients: 1 beef sirloin 1 julienned onion «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar A few drops of cream Preparation: Cut the sirloin in stroganoff style. Sauté with the julienned onion and flambé with Sherry Vinegar. Remove the meat from the pan, add cream and leave to reduce. To serve, place the meat on...
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Ingredients: 5 cl of «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar Salt Freshly ground pepper 1 dl of «CAPIRETE» Extra Virgin Olive Oil Preparation: Place the salt, pepper and vinegar in a glass and stir until the pepper and salt are fully dissolved. Then add extra virgin olive oil and give a good thorough whisking until...
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Brava Sauce

Ingredients: 1 tomato 1 small onion 2 garlic cloves 1 red pepper «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar «CAPIRETE» Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 chilli, cayenne pepper or hot chilli pepper Preparation: Sautee several garlic cloves, the onion, red pepper and chilli  all finely chopped  in a frying pan with a...
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Romesco Sauce

Ingredients: 2 choricero peppers 2 rice tomatoes 80g. toasted almonds 1 head of garlic 1 slice of toast 1 onion 6 tablespoons of «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar 50g. fried macadamia nuts 1 cup of «CAPIRETE» Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cayene pepper, sweet paprika and salt Preparation: Soak the choricero peppers in...
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Cesar Sauce

Ingredients: 1 egg 1 dl of «CAPIRETE» Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 spoonfuls of «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar 1 spoonful of lemon juice 1 anchovy A few drops of Worcester sauce 1 clove of garlic Pepper Preparation: Mix the lemon juice, Sherry Vinegar and olive oil. Place the anchovy, crushed garlic clove,...
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Hake fillet with Sherry Vinegar

Ingredients: 600 g of hake 100 g of butter 50 g of leeks 100 g of carrots 100 g of onions 300 cl of cream 4 tbsp of fish stock 50 cl of «CAPIRETE» Sherry Vinegar Salt Preparation: Poach the leeks, onion and carrots, cut Julienne style, in butter. When...
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