Sherry Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml

Producer: José Páez Lobato. Protected Designation of Origin: Sherry Vinegar – Reserve. Brand: GRAN CAPIRETE 50. Acidity: 8 %. Variety of grape: Palomino. Aging: 50 years old. Type of barrels used for aging: American oak barrels. Type of bottle: Small square bottle. Capacity available: 250 ml. Cata: Characterised by its intense mahogany colour and silky texture, its unusual deeply acidic aroma has hints of older wines and reflects its lengthy ageing process in oak barrels. It is from there that it inherits its ample, rounded, dry, well-balanced flavour, with a prolonged acidic aftertaste and hints of dried fruits and spices. Rules of conservation: Room temperature-not in direct sunlight and kept tightly closed when not being used. Shelf life: not applicable. Using forms: In small quantities, due to it high concentration in acidity and aromas. Ideal for: Our Sherry Vinegars enhances all types of kitchen: dressing, cold sauces, meats, fish…