«Criaderas & Solera» – SYSTEM MATURATION

Another unique aspect of producing “CAPIRETE” Sherry Vinegar is the system used to mature it. This is called the “Criaderas & Solera” system, which consists of a series of rows of 500 litres oak casks each containing Sherry Vinegars of similar characteristics but different ages. These casks all were used previously to store Sherry, so they have absorbed many components from the wine which contribute to the taste, smell and colour of the Sherry Vinegar being aged in them. The most mature Sherry Vinegar is held in the bottom row of casks, called “Solera“, from which vinegar is drawn periodically for bottling and sale. Above that is the “First Criadera“, casks containing Sherry Vinegar of a slightly younger age, from which small amount is drawn to add to the casks of the “Solera” row whenever they need refilling.

The first “Criadera” is in turn filled with vinegar from the casks in the row above it, the “Second Criadera“, and so forth refilling the top row of casks with the newest youngest Sherry Vinegar. In this way, the Sherry Vinegar is assured of consistency in quality and other characteristic from year to year. It is easy to understand why our Sherry Vinegar is called “Premium vinegar”, since it is not merely acetified wine, but is mature, complex vinegar with an incomparable flavour, aroma and colour.

The slow work of the acetic bacteria together with the “Criaderas & Solera” system bestows to our Sherry Vinegar with its own personality and extraordinary concentration, making it almost an elixir.