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«CAPIRETE» ExperienceHuile d’Olive Vierge Extra – Capacité: 500ml (glass)
100% Naturel, 100% Pur, 100% Picual Variété

Type d’Huile: Huile d’Olive Vierge Extra
Origine: Jaén (Andalousie / Espagne)
Certificate: Production Intégrée
Variété: 100% Picual
Ingrédients: 100% Huile d’Olive Vierge Extra

Brand: «CAPIRETE» Sensación – Early Harvest
Acidité: 0,11º
Characteristics: Elaborated from green olives, this olive oil emits pungency and fresh flavors as well as a very peculiar aroma. Robust and full-flavoured olive juice for all your senses. Bright and shiny green colour, intense fruity flavour of fresh olive, with herbaceous aromas, bitterness and a mild peppery finish. Unique taste and aromas: almonds, artichokes, figs.
Harvesting Period: The olives are picked up at early November.
Harvest: Picual olives harvested at their optimum degree of maturity (when turn green).
Recommended uses: Fruit and salads, grilled meats and roasted, pasta sauces, fish and seafood, toasts and bruschettas.

Brand: «CAPIRETE» Emoción – Oil Mill Special Selection
 Elaborated from half green and half purple olives, this olive oil provides us with a genuine sensation to the palate. Unique oil for a special taste in mouth… Golden yellow colour with greenish tones, intense fruitiness with ripe fruit notes. Very well-balanced between bitterness and spice. Impeccable aroma with fruity nuances: ripe tomato, banana.
Harvesting Period: The olives are picked up during mid November.
Harvest: Picual olives harvested at their optimum degree of maturity (when turn green / purple).
Recommended uses: Grilled vegetables, Sautéed or slow-roasted meat dishes, steamed fish or fish in the oven, fresh pasta, rice and risottos, aperitives.

Barnd: «CAPIRETE» Seducción – Taste of Yesteryear
 Elaborated from fully ripe black olive fruits, this olive oil reminds us of the traditional olive oil flavor. Oil for all occasions, with genuine taste. Golden yellow and green colour, intense fruitiness with aromas of healthy and ripe fruit. Sweet in mouth, with an almost imperceptible bitter and spicy touch. Delicate buttery taste and ripe fruits aromas, banana and ripe tomato hints.
Harvesting Period: The olives are picked up at early December.
Harvest: Picual olives harvested at their optimum degree of maturity (when turn black).
Recommended uses: Pasta, meat, seasonings, pesto, mayonnaise, baking and preparing desserts.

Oleic Acid & Polifenols: Help regulating the blood pressure and cholesterol level.
Antioxidants: The “Picual” variety also protects the skin against premature ageing.
Elaboration: The oil is made in a small mill, according to the local tradition handed down from your ancestors, combined with strict quality standards. Olives are carefully harvested and pressed within hours of picking for a fresher taste and top‐quality oil.

Oil Extraction: The oily juice is extracted by cold pressed (with temperature lower than 27ºC) by centrifuge.
100% PURE y NATURAL: Genuine olive oil JUICE, obtained solely by mechanical means ‐ crushing, malaxing, centrifuge and decantation.

Control data:
Physical, Chemical & Sensorial:
According to (CE) Nº2568/91 ‐ Multi‐residue pesticides analytical method.
Certification: ISO 9001:2008.

Conservation: Store in a cool dry place (50‐68°F optimum) and kept tightly closed when not being used.

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