Huile d’Olive Vierge Extra | PICUAL Variété | Jaén – Produit d’Espagne

Jaen’s oil is flavor, it is health, it is culture, it is mediterranean diet and cooking wisdom

Our “CAPIRETE” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Jaén (Andalusia / Spain). This city is known as the World Capital of Olive Oil, because it is the biggest producer of the olive oil, known by locals as liquid gold. Around half a million kilos is produced each year in this southern part of Spain.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Jaén has a distinctive aroma and, according to experts, rank among the best olive oils in the world.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best quality of olive oil. It is a natural olive juice that preserves untouched all its properties both for the palate and the health. It is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed raw, without any need of refination or rectification process, thus preserving all its vitamins, essential fatty acids and other natural products with important dietary properties.

Olive Oil of Extra Virgin quality is a highly valued product in the haute cuisine and now more and more in all homes around the world. Olive Oil is the basis of most of the typical dishes of the mediterranean cuisine.